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The Aura Mason combines attractive hardware and simple software to create a digital photo frame that is the easiest to set up and operate. You go through the entire process on your Android or iOS device, no clunky remote required, and setup includes the option of inviting family members and friends to view and upload pictures. If you’re primarily a phone photographer, you’ll have your pictures up on this frame in a relatively short amount of time. We put each digital picture frame through a battery of tests. While examining everything from the setup process and display quality to the design, ease of use, and even the quality of automatic brightness adjustment, I took notes on each frame’s strengths and weaknesses. Then I uploaded to each frame an identical set of 86 photos from my library, from portraits to architectural shots, taken with phones and digital cameras.

It also lets you add a vignette as a creative effect, focusing the viewer’s attention more on the subject of the picture. This photo editor for PC provides all the controls you need to fine-tune this edit. PhotoWorks makes it easy free software to change the background of your photo, so if you want to transplant a better sky or create a composite picture, you can.

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Move along to the Tools tab in PhotoWorks and a carefully selected set of powerful tools reveals itself to the right of the screen. There are not a hundred little tool icons as with complex programs. Some of the tools, like Curves or Tone Mapping, offer an alternative and perhaps more advanced way of working with your pictures. Seasoned photographers will be familiar with these features. Between the two, Pixlr X is better for beginners with its more straightforward design and ability to edit quickly. The software comes with 12 vital tools, from doodling on a layer to adding filters to cropping the image. For example, you can “stain” a picture to give the illusion of having rested a coffee mug on it.

StudioLine Photo Basic 4 is a fantastic tool to organize photos in Windows without a lot of clicks. You can enjoy lots of advanced editing features & slideshow creator with this freemium photo organizer for PC. You can manage your entire photograph collection by adding tags, descriptions, GPS coordinates & much more. The vignetting tool lets you correct vignetting that occurs naturally with your lens.

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  • To help you out, here is a step-by-step guide on how to clone your Windows hard drive.
  • When using a cloning software, you can get a complete view of your computer in one interface.
  • In addition to cloud backup, IDrive allows selection of network computers or network-attached storage location as the destination for your drive / system image backup.
  • The what, when, and where of the backup process are all visible in a single area, so cloning is a lot safer and simpler.

The process of separating the subject from its background is simple. You draw a green line with the object brush, a red line with the background brush, and then you let the software work its magic. Typically, you need to refine the edge a bit using the same brushes, which could become labor-intensive with intricate subjects. There’s even a choice of free-to-use pictures you can add as backgrounds, or you can upload your own. You can correct the perspective of architectural photos using the Geometry tools in PhotoWorks. Like in most photo editors for computers, there’s no auto adjustment, so you have to alter the vertical and/or horizontal perspective yourself using the sliders, but this is generally an easy task.

Manage Expectations (and Your Time)

Sporting a 10-inch widescreen display, it has features that are similar to those of the Advance, but it’s saddled with worse software and a cheaper remote control. It also doesn’t come with a USB flash drive in the box, though there is a mail-away offer to get one for free when you register the frame for its warranty coverage. Aura’s software helps you easily set up the Aura Mason as a gift. Using the app, scan a QR code on the box to pair it with your account. That lets you invite family members to contribute photos before the recipient unpacks the frame and plugs it in. You can also have the frame shipped from Aura directly and use the company’s email setup process to associate it with your account while it’s in transit. Though we didn’t try the gift-setup methods ourselves, we do appreciate Aura’s focus on the gift angle.

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