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See Europe. Edge control: you may need to show your return money and ticket

See Europe. Edge control: you may need to show your return money and ticket

Remain as much as date

You are told by this page just how to prepare if you’re preparation on going to Europe. It shall be updated if such a thing modifications.

Subscribe for e-mail alerts and always check travel advice for the united states you’re visiting to get the information that is latest.

Journey to the EU , Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein can change.

Things you may should do before you get add:

  • look at your passport
  • get travel insurance coverage that covers your healthcare
  • check you’ve got the right documents that are driving
  • organise pet travel – contact your veterinarian at the very least 4 months prior to going

There are many more things you can do if you’re travelling for company. As an example, planning to conferences and conferences, delivering services (despite having a charity), and touring art or music.

Passports: check always if you wish to restore

You may want to restore your passport that is british earlier you’re travelling.

From the time you travel, you’ll need your passport to both:

  • have at least half a year kept
  • be significantly less than ten years old (even when this has half a year or higher left)

If you fail to restore your passport, may very well not have the ability to travel to many EU nations and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

You should check whether your passport is legitimate for the country visiting that is you’re.

These guidelines usually do not apply to journey to Ireland. You are able to continue using your passport so long as it is valid for the amount of your stay.

Healthcare: check you’re covered

You need to constantly get travel that is appropriate with health care address before going abroad.

It is particularly essential you can get travel insurance using the right address when you have a pre-existing condition. Simply because the EHIC scheme covers conditions that are pre-existing even though many travel cover policies don’t.

Entering other countries

At edge control, you may need certainly to:

  • show a return or ticket that is onward
  • demonstrate can afford to your stay
  • Use lanes that are separate EU , EEA and Swiss citizens whenever queueing

Visas for brief trips: you shall not require one if you’re a tourist

Various guidelines will connect with Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania. In the event that you see these countries, visits with other EU nations will likely not count towards the 90-day total.

You will need a visa or license to stay for much longer, to focus or learn, or even for company travel.

Always check each country’s travel advice web web page for information about how to have a visa or license.

Happen to be Ireland will likely not change. You’ll additionally be in a position to operate in Ireland within the same manner as before.


There might be modifications. just exactly What they are rely on exactly just how travelling that is you’re.

Nevertheless you travel, check before you leave for almost any delays or interruption.


You will need documents that are extra.

You will need a worldwide driving license (IDP ) to push in a few nations.

You might also need a ‘green card’ or valid proof of insurance and a GB sticker if you’re taking your own vehicle.

Settlement if for example the travel is disrupted

Some travel cover policies just protect specific types of interruption. Look at your provider’s terms and conditions to ensure that you have actually the address you’ll need if for example the travel is delayed or cancelled.

Your customer liberties will maybe not alter. Which means when your travel is terminated or delayed maybe you are in a position to claim a reimbursement or payment. Look at your booking’s stipulations for more information.

Pet travel: enable at the least 4 months to prepare

You simply will not manage to utilize the pet passport scheme that is existing. Rather need that is you’ll follow a new procedure, which takes 4 months.

Cellphone roaming: free roaming may end

The guarantee of free phone that is mobile for the EU , Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will end.

Consult with your phone operator to discover more regarding any roaming fees you might get.

A brand new legislation means without you knowing that you’re protected from getting mobile data charges above £45.

When you reach £45, you ought to decide in to save money so while you’re abroad that you can continue using the internet. Your phone operator will inform ways to do that.

In case the travel business is out of company

You’re protected in the event that you purchase a package getaway while the ongoing business goes out of company. You obtain this address even though it is a company that is eu so long as the organization targets British clients.

Otherwise, you can easily claim settlement in the event that you utilized your charge card. You’ll keep on being in a position to claim for re re payments between £100 and £30,000.

Other modifications

If you’re a small business:

  • you may have to produce a traditions statement with you to sell abroad or use for business if you take goods
  • discover what else you have to do to get ready your organization through the change duration

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