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She recommend I go up on my dosage of cymbalta and take two other treatment which I forgot the name of but one could be a antipsychotic. But I told her I just wanted to c how I would do on taking the cymbalta 30. I did call a therapist and met with her and she confirmed me some techniques on the way to management my anxiety with respiration strategies. I have these thoughts, and not just randomly killing somebody. But lengthy drawn out torture earlier than I kill them. I quite enjoy these ideas and don’t care in the event that they go away or not.

Half of my head simply screams that it’s mistaken and the opposite half whispers that wouldn’t it’s so rattling good to just harm them again? I even have to work twice as onerous to make the pictures go away than before because a part of me doesn’t need them to. I can’t simply go clean anymore I even have to consider explanation why not to do things. and it works, however then I am left feeling weak and helpless and hate myself for not preventing back. I don’t Think I would ever harm anyone, it is So not in my nature.

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If I would go to a store I would assume bout robbing it. It would be a constant battle in my head like kill yourself or kill them and it might be a response of no or ok but once I did say ok I would t act on it I would simply ignore it. After taking lexapro for a month I’ve switched to cymbalta 30 and it appear to help me out for bout 2 weeks then unexpectedly I received real depressed and the thoughts have been somewhat overwhelming. I stay on a regular basis battling these thoughts, questioning how I go each day with out acting on them. I do still feel the pounding within the body and the bizarre sensations in my back and components of my body. I actually have seen a pyschatrist and he or she recognized me as despair, undesirable/intrusive ideas and OCD.

Almost Never does my images feature a liked one, generally family members however very much Not Loved ones. Most usually is just strangers, people who hurt me and I can’t do something about it. I just mentally lash out, picturing horrible issues that would occur to them or that I could do to them. The older I obtained the more then I might do featured over the might https://bestadulthookup.com/spdate-review/ happen. For a very long time I turned that hurt inward and often considered killing myself, hurting myself in small ways but usually simply mental torture. The solely reason I by no means Did undergo with it was that I was simply to afraid of the ache of dying. I am a real sweetheart, polite, nicely mannered and all the time have a smile on my face.

I even have been suffering these ideas on and off for around 2 months. The first time I received my intrusive thoughts it really made me sick to my abdomen and that i threw up. I actually have read the book brain lock and it helps me even though i haven’t been identified with OCD.

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Hi, I developed anxiousness/despair about 4 months ago when I had uti/epiditimitis in my nuts. I got treatment for the uti and epidimitis however the symptoms of tension over powered me. I had a constant pounding in my physique, felt like my heart was pop out of my chest. Also had pounding in my head and I had tingling in my arms and feet. I was frightened of taking the medicine bc of the intense unwanted side effects, especially the aspect impact of the sucidal ideas or actions.

I day dream of all of the ways I may these items and the locations and the way I could get away with it. I know its incorrect to do issues similar to these, but fear I may do it anyhow. But once I think about what would happen if I did, I don’t see myself feeling sorry or remorseful. I’m 30 years old with social anxiousness and have had these thoughts since childhood. I actually have Ocd and have been placed on zoloft from pristiq.

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i am melancholic sort person.i assumed that i’m the one one who thought these ideas in the world and wanted to die. however now i am bit ease knowing that there’s this type of symptom.i always thought of true love and happiness family 3 months before. however now i am afraid of marriage cause of my sickness mentality.

But life simply appears to get harder and I fear that in the future if I actually have nothing left to free what will I do? After all these years of pondering scary things God the harm I could do if I wanted to. Once I knew I could not kill myself it turned even more to other individuals.


I have been fighting dangerous, aggressive OCD for over 3 years now. When I turned 19 I snapped, and had a mental breakdown so bad that I nearly went to the hospital. But what scares me now is that when these things pop in my head…. I can’t Do anything to make things higher but God I wish I may damage someone generally. It makes me sick, my abdomen looks like lead and my blood looks like acid.

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I am a vegetarian and hate the thought of abuse could or not it’s people or animals. It stretched out to my father who is also fairly strong… Needless to say although, that is my household I stay with and I love them. These ideas are ripping me to shreds, they make me feel depressed with all of it’s symptoms, they make me sleepy and suicidal to an extent. Which embody stabbing them in the eye, murdering them whereas they sleep or snapping their necks…. Please Help Me and Everyone Please I’m begging you.

I attempt to not give these ideas energy and ignore them, however then when i do this I fear of not caring sufficient. Someone attempting to let the thoughts be there and notice them as OCD but feel gulity about getting upset about them. i am jobless for 6 years explanation for depression and plenty of other reason. i am pitiful to my household.i just need to die.i’m afraid of what if regulation of attraction works. i am jealous and proud of people who by no means thought that unhealthy thoughts until dying.

I learned to manage it up to some extent, thinking clean ideas or singing really loud sad songs in my head. I would even play into the pictures typically, to keep from doing something. Just the thought would pop in and I would make it bigger and badder and gorry whereas listening to load mad or sad music. I would feel spent and sick and unhappy and horrible afterwards however I was by no means afraid of hurting anybody but myself. I actually have had issues with such images for as long as I can bear in mind. I have a vivid creativeness and that does Not assist.