Chuck It Dog Toy Methods & Guide

Zippy Paws is known for its Insta-worthy toys that are designed with Pantone shades in mind —and for their exclusive noisemakers that drive all dogs nuts . You can stuff your own treats into the Kong or use Kong’s easy treats! To make it more fun for your dog, try freezing the Kong with peanut butter inside for 4 to 6 hours before giving it to your pup. Nina Ottossonfrom Outward Hound has done a great job at making some of the best interactive puzzles for your dog. The Hide N’ Slide provides fun for your dog every time they play with it. Another essential issue is your Corgi’s activity needs.

While I didn’t have a large flat-faced tester on hand, I base this on the fact that our rowdy Labrador quickly crushed the large size. While the West Paw Jive holds up to games of fetch, it isn’t appropriate as adedicated chew toy.

This Is What I Take Advantage Of My Chuckit Dog Toys For

We’ve rounded up the 15 best outdoor toys for dogs from our experience. These toys are perfect for the great outdoors and beloved by both dogs and their owners. Other than that ChuckIt balls are some of the highest quality out there, with a strong Latex smell to help pups distinguish what they are allowed to chew.

Good fun for the casual chewer who loves to play fetch or football. Whether your Lab likes to fetch them, gnaw them, bounce them, paw them or chase them around the back yard. The best balls for Labradors are ones that are fairly large, fairly durable and often with a bit of bounce. We are big fans of the Nina Ottosson chuck it ultra ball range of dog toys. Interactive dog toys like treat dispensers, dog puzzle toys, and dog mazes all require the dog to learn how to access his reward. Rope toys are almost universally well received by Labradors. And this version is long-lasting and durable even when played with by fairly persistent chewers.

Like the West Paw Jive, this is one of the most expensive tennis ball alternatives on the market. But included in the price is a replacement guarantee.

Practice this many times always rewarding your dog every time it grabs the ball with its mouth. Your goal is to toss the ball and get your dog to run after it even without the reward. There are also dog ball toys that come with rope attachments. These are extra heavy-duty, too so they should be excellent choices for heavy chewers.

Unfortunately, sticks can get sharp points or crack, which pose some pretty serious health concerns for your pup. It is shaped like a stick, and thanks to a unique core, even crunches like a stick (but doesn’t break) when your dog chews it. This one is for all those water-loving retrievers out there! The Kong Training Dummy is made specifically for games of aquatic fetch.

  • With numerous excellent reviews from owners of intense chewing dogs who are delighted with it.
  • His long jointed body is great fun for Labradors to flap around with.
  • Fortunately, there are some options depending upon how ferociously your Lab likes to play with his cuddles.
  • A good option for a dog who is a keen stuffing extractor is to buy them some unstuffed toys.
  • Think I will just give him a crowbar and see if he can destroy it.
  • However, it can be pretty frustrating to buy them a lovely new soft toy only to find it in pieces mere minutes later.
  • Designed to be chew proof, however enthusiastically your dog tries to get his treats out.

Despite the guarantees, some dogs are made of tougher stuff than the toys. Especially if your Labrador is crossed with another breed known for their powerful jaws, like Pitbulls for example. A great way to start finding a toy your dog is going to love, is to check out what other people’s pups have enjoyed getting their paws, jaws and claws into.

I hope that we have covered most of your Labrador toy needs with the various options above. This ball and rope combo is tough and durable, designed originally for use by police dog handlers as a reward toy for training. A great way to keep them entertained with their toys is to use them in games of fetch. Not all of us are blessed with an excellent ball throwing arm. This is ideal for bouncy Labs who love treat dispensers and playing with their toys, bouncing and pushing them around.